Impact of Exhibitions on Trade Promotions

Impact of Exhibitions on Trade Promotions

Because of the dense competition in the market there are many promotional activities in different sectors are conducted by the marketers. Mere production and supply of products into the market alone cannot work today. For the success, proper promotion should reach the consumers. Information about the product like quality, pricing, availability of the product must be communicated to the consumer. This can prevent the consumer from purchasing the competitors product in the market. Exhibitions are a kind of promotional activity in which various brands and companies meet and display their products to the prospective consumers.

The time and place of the exhibition are communicated to the consumers through different media’s. The customer attention and interest is generated in the most efficient way through exhibitions. It is the best method to get advantages in many aspects like sales and advertisement. Thus, the scope of advertisement in the exhibitions is high. In fact the physical distance between companies and customers is the biggest challenge faced by the marketers. The lack of communication has become the major threat in diminishing sales. At this juncture, exhibitions enable the customer and marketer to meet and have a face-to-face communication about the product.

The promotional activities are conducted without the intervention of any media or third person. In most cases, exclusive treatment to the customers is given like hospitality attracts the customers more to exhibitions. The relationship between the customer and marketer is also strengthened in an appreciable manner. The next benefit from the exhibitions is the expansion of market. The showcase options given by the exhibitions are much beyond than the options from other marketing media. The advantage to the consumers from the exhibitions is the chance to directly evaluate the performance of each product and get the best from it. Thus, product research enable the customer to avail desired one which suits the purpose.

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