Why Tourism is Considered Special Among the Sectors of Economy?

Why Tourism is Considered Special Among the Sectors of Economy?

The reason why many of the countries give more importance to tourism sector is because of the high generation of income and social welfare. The tourists are always wholeheartedly welcomed and are provided of all kinds of needs and wants within no time. This is because to attract them more and increase the tourism activities in the country. Apart from glorifying the nature and beauty of the country, tourism also helps in promotion of culture and norms practiced. The image of the country in the world is also developed in a greater extent by taking care of the tourists coming in.

In fact there are many problems and limitations which prevent people from visiting a tourist place which in turn reduces the national development. It is to be noted that the prime reason why people visit other places is to know the culture of that place. But, today the depreciation of culture and the related values discourage them. Studies and researches have proved that there is a deep and strong relation between culture and tourism. The industrial tourism is the important one which generates the largest income. Ecotourism is the new trend which is introduced in many developed countries. This prevents the destruction of nature due to any kind of tourism activities.

The fast growing of tourism sector is the factor which attracts the investors. The employment opportunities generated by the sector is also noticeable. There are many professional courses offered for the employment in tourism services. Hospitality, transportation, food services are all connected with the tourism activities. The economy is boosted in all levels directly and indirectly by the tourism activities. This helps to achieve the stability in a faster way. The political and social structure of the country is also affected by tourism and vice versa. The involvement of the local public is also a determining factor.

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