March 2018

How to Take Care of Sanitary Works?

The care for sanitary works must be given before and after the fittings. It is to be noted that fittings have to be done only as the last step in the construction of a bathroom. After all the construction as well as plumbing works is completed, the water should be passed through the pipes at least for 6 hours in order to remove the dirt and unwanted particles in the

What is Market Segmentation and How it Affects Economy?

Segmentation is the process of dividing a heterogeneous market into different homogeneous segments to facilitate the marketing of products in the target market. Market segmentation helps the marketers to formulate and implement relevant strategies to promote their products. A market segment consists of consumers who have similar choices, interests and preferences. They generally possess similar perceptions and are interested in buying similar products. Through a process of segmentation, firms can