How To Prevent E-Cig Spit-Back

How To Prevent E-Cig Spit-Back

E-cigs are an incredibly fun past time. There are always exciting new e-juice flavours making their way to the market, new innovations for vapers to explore and fun new tricks to try. Many vapers find it to be incredibly rewarding and enjoy the smoothness of the vapour and delicious flavours.

Unfortunately there are a few things that can go wrong that can ruin the experience, including spit-back.

What is spit-back? Spit-back happens when hot droplets of e-juice hit your mouth when inhaling; it can be an unpleasant surprise when you’re expecting warm vapour. Spit-back occurs when e-liquids get heated and boil inside your e-cig, but don’t completely vaporise. Spit-back can ruin the flavour of your e-juice and stop you from enjoying your vape session. If it happens a lot, it can really turn you off of vaping.

If you want to understand why spit-back happens, and how to stop it from happening then read on below for some tips on preventing it.


Consider the type of e-cig you have

Some types of e-cig devices and equipment are more likely to create spit-back. If it’s becoming a problem for you then it might be because of the type of e-cig you’ve got. If you have an e-cig with a  rebuildable tank atomiser, this could be why you’re getting spit back. Unlike sub ohm devices, a rebuildable tank atomiser will allow e-juice to gather inside your rank which can eventually lead to an overflow, which can cause spit-back. Re-wicking your coils, or using a different tank type can stop this from happening.


Drip tips can help stop spit-back

There’s a certain type of drip tip you can buy that can help to prevent spit-back from occurring. Drip tips with a slight curve or longer head can make it more difficult for the hot droplets of e-liquid to make it to your mouth. Drips tips that have an angle, or that can be rotated are also good for preventing spit-back as they make the airflow path longer and help stop the hot droplets from reaching your mouth.


Higher vegetable glycerin level can prevent spit-back

E-juice’s containing lower levels of vegetable glycerin and higher levels of propylene glycol tend to create more issues with spit-back. Propylene glycol isn’t as thick as vegetable glycerin and when it’s inhaled it’s more likely to flood your atomiser and create spit-back. Higher vegetable glycerin content will create less spit-back.


Oversaturation of wicks can cause spit-back

Too much e-liquid in the chamver can cause spit-back, so if you’re dipping the wick of your e-cigarette before vaping, be careful not to oversaturate your wicks. Wet wicks are important but the e-liquid should never be dripping wet or pooling around the coils of your e-cig.


Cover your drip tip

Covering your drip tip can help stop e-juice from hitting your mouth. Some e-cig come with tanks designed to stop the issue from happening as well.


Wait before you vape


Waiting a beat before you inhale from your e-cigarette can prevent spit-back issues, as it will give your e-cig time to work properly and vapourise your e-juice properly.


Increase the wattage

Low wattages can prevent your e-cig from properly heating the e-juice and vapourising it which can cause spit-back problems. If you’ve tried other solutions, then it might be that your wattage is just too low and you might need to look for a device that will properly heat your e-juice.

There are other reasons you might experience the annoying phenomenon of spit-back when using your e-cigarette but these are some of the common causes and fixes.

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