How To Avoid Being Shortchanged When Buying Glasses Online

How To Avoid Being Shortchanged When Buying Glasses Online

There are few activities more than convenient than purchasing glasses online in your own time and at your own leisure.

Rather than fighting for a car park or accessing a public bus and scheduling the visit during business hours, consumers in 2019 can now make their selection from brands all across the globe.

This has broken down barriers, expanded opportunities and made the shopping experience generally more pleasurable.

However, it is important to note that this increase in consumer activity to source glasses also opens up black market operators and businesses prioritising sales over quality.

Here we will outline a few helpful techniques to avoid being shortchanged in this domain.


Avoiding Any Prescription Details

Your prescription details are the foundation and have to be referred to when acquiring glasses online for prescription purposes. Unless the item is purely for recreational use only and there is no condition diagnosed by an optometrist, consumers need to ensure they are abreast of the key information listed within the prescription. This will include the cylinder (CYL), the axis, the Oculus Dexter (OD), Oculus Sinister (OS), the ADD for bifocals and the sphere (SPH). These specifications should not be overlooked because it will outline whether or not the item is suitable for the customer. Websites that overlook these details would not be authorised to sell to constituents at large.


Ensure The Face Shape Matches Correctly

The prescription details can be difficult to understand given the medical terminology utilised, but when purchasing glasses online there is one element that anyone can understand and it revolves around face shape. From round and oval shaped faces to diamond, heart and rectangular shapes, men and women of all ages will have a shape that is unique to their specifications. To avoid being shortchanged in this category, it is worthwhile finding a site that offers picture uploading technology, allowing the consumer to see what items will fit their face shape appropriately.


Not Settling For Bargain Cheap Products

One of the greatest errors that customers can make when they venture to buy glasses online is falling into the trap that cheap equates to value for money. The major benefit of buying brands over the web than in store is taking advantage of lower than average retail pricing, but this can often be a trap for sourcing low-grade materials that don’t offer the right support for the user. A regulation pair of glasses should cost anywhere between $30-$100 retail depending on the brand. For those businesses that are selling items below the $20 mark, that should raise alarms and be cause for consideration.


Purchasing From a Known Brand

One of the smartest strategies that the modern consumer can use when sourcing glasses online is to acquire the goods from a known entity. This approach is not to dismiss new brands on the market or those local businesses who do offer genuine quality to their constituents to be ignored outright, but it is a tactic that lowers the risk of being shortchanged. These outlets have a reputation to uphold and if consumer confidence drops, it can be difficult to regain those losses again.


Securing a Warranty and Return Policy in Writing

The size of the investment might not be earth shattering for the average shopper when sourcing glasses online, but acquiring an item with the right specifications and style can be a rare commodity. To ensure that the investment is protected, it is necessary to engage an outlet that covers shoppers for a warranty and a return policy. The warranties will not be comprehensive and only cover constituents from anywhere between 6-24 months to be in line with a 2-year prescription for adults, but they will offer an appropriate replacement if the goods are compromised.


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