Three Qualities of a Good Business Competitor

This may sound awkward because how can one view a competitor to be good. For obvious reasons competitors will never be good in the eyes of their counterpart. But just like any other things, there is always the good side of anything you might view as the otherwise. For you to somehow appreciate the competitor of your business you need to see some of the good qualities they might have

Doing Business to Sustain your Studies

If you are living on your own and still need to continue your studies lone by yourself, then you need to do something to keep up with the challenge. You need to know the importance of earning a living to sustain the financial requisites of continuing your studies. There are many ways for you to earn for your tuition fees. You can either choose to become a scholar in your

What is Market Segmentation and How it Affects Economy?

Segmentation is the process of dividing a heterogeneous market into different homogeneous segments to facilitate the marketing of products in the target market. Market segmentation helps the marketers to formulate and implement relevant strategies to promote their products. A market segment consists of consumers who have similar choices, interests and preferences. They generally possess similar perceptions and are interested in buying similar products. Through a process of segmentation, firms can